Genuine Maria Beg products are produced with the highest quality materials, impeccable levels of craftsmanship and complete integrity. We guarantee the authenticity of all products purchased via Maria Beg Abayas are exclusively only available through We do not have any other retailers, wholesalers or affiliates and you are unable to buy genuine Maria Beg products anywhere else.

Counterfeiting is the process of manufacturing and selling imitation or 'knockoff' products that are falsely advertised as being the genuine brand. Counterfeit products are of poor quality and have been associated with child labour, organised crime and even terrorism. Maria Beg will take legal action against any persons, stores, agents, manufacturing plants or websites that take part in the manufacture, sale, or supply of counterfeit Maria Beg products.

We have adopted a zero tolerance policy against counterfeits and have a comprehensive program to deal with all parties involved in the trade of counterfeit products, including:
- Websites
- Distribution Systems
- Auction Sites

Consumers should keep in mind that if something looks too good to be true, it probably is. Websites other than selling Maria Beg merchandise at incredibly low prices are unlikely to be selling genuine products.

We monitor dozens of international auction and classified platforms on a daily basis to check for fake Maria Beg goods that are being sold.

We work closely with Google, Bing, Yahoo! and other search engines to identify sellers of counterfeit Maria Beg merchandise. We have already removed a number of websites, adverts, sponsored and unsponsored links that direct users to the sale of counterfeit Maria Beg products.

We use our intellectual property (IP) rights, particularly Copyright Law, to shut down hosting providers and websites that we identify to be selling fake products or violating our IP rights. We have compliance in large measure in many countries, including the United Kingdom, United States, Panama, Korea, Japan China, United Arab Emirates.

If we find a website that continues to return after being shut down, we file actions to seek formal cancellation of its domain name, or take similar actions with various bodies who, by international agreement, have the authority to do the following:
- Wipe a site's URL from the internet
- Force a domain name registrar to wipe a URL

Many retailers of counterfeit goods use blogs to generate traffic and lead visitors to websites selling fake goods. We take all necessary action, as outlined above, to shut down blogs of this kind. We also monitor all major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest, which counterfeiters also commonly use to sell their merchandise. Upon the discovery of profiles advertising fake Maria Beg goods, we will have them removed.

All Maria Beg trademarks are registered with customs services around the world. We support these services with constant training and dialogue between ourselves and our counsels.

Depending on the size of the counterfeit operation we are dealing with, we take as many actions against wrongdoers as is necessary. This could be anything from a cease and desist letter or a search and seize order to freeze the counterfeiters assets or a judgement against the counterfeiter. We will also wherever possible recover fake products, records and monetary damages.

If the counterfeit operation appears to be one that warrants criminal action, we will work directly with law enforcement authorities in the relevant countries to seek criminal prosecution of those who sell fake products.

There should be no assumption that because a counterfeit operation is small it will not be found or moved against. We always carefully measure our responses towards counterfeit goods, and although not every party will receive the same response, we will always take some method of action; this is what we mean by 'zero tolerance.'